Air to Water (A2W) Heat Pump

Air to Water (A2W) Heat Pump

65°C hot water in a super-efficient and super-compact package.

Up to 25% of the operating cost of an electric water heater with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 4.

This Air to Water (A2W) heat pump range is designed for both vertical or horizontal discharge options, with a discharge fan option available in both ducted and non-ducted versions. Horizontal discharge models can also be stacked two high to reduce plant footprint (suffix 'S').

The automatic defrost function allows continued performance in low ambient temperatures by diverting a portion of the hot refrigerant to evaporator coil to melt any ice which may form. In addition, the evaporator is dipped to provide extra protection in corrosive atmospheres.

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Air to Water (A2W) Heat Pump
Model Stackable Exhaust Discharge Recovery p/hr (@ 50°C rise) (Litres) Max Storage Capacity (Litres)
953016H0 No Non-ducted Horizontal 300L 4000L
952016H0 No Ducted Horizontal 300L 4000L
953016HS Yes Non-ducted Horizontal 300L 4000L
952016HS Yes Ducted Horizontal 300L 4000L
95301600 No Non-ducted Vertical 300L 4000L
95201600 No Ducted Vertical 300L 4000L
953035H0 No Non-ducted Horizontal 680L 8000L
953035HS Yes Non-ducted Horizontal 680L 8000L
952035HS Yes Ducted Horizontal 680L 8000L
952035H0 No Ducted Horizontal 680L 8000L
95303500 No Non-ducted Vertical 680L 8000L
95203500 No Ducted Vertical 680L 8000L