Video Guides

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Rheem Boiling Water Appliances

Anna introduces our range of boiling water products suitable for the office, clubroom or commercial kitchen. 

Rheem Heat Pump Water Heating

Anna explains how a Heat Pump water heater works and what you need to know when considering one for your home.  

Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heating

If you're not sure how a Gas Continuous Flow water heating unit works, let Anna explain how your household can never run out of hot water again.

Low Water Pressure

Not sure if you have low hot water pressure in your home?  Anna explains the mechanics of low pressure water heating and what to do when it's time for replacement.

Mains Water Pressure

Anna runs through the ins and outs of mains pressure hot water in your home and the range of products Rheem has to suit your requirements.

Install a Rheem

Rheem EZiSET App

Overview of how to use the Rheem EZiSET app with your gas continuous flow water heater, including setting your hot water temperature, setting your bath fill, and other features like bath favourites, session timeout and voice prompts.

Rheem Crossflow

Rheem has released a number of heat exchange products including Rheem Crossflow where potable water is heated indirectly using energy from a separate circuit.

Rheem Commercial Solar

A range of market leading technologies ideal for large-scale solar thermal systems or integration into existing systems.

Rheem TankPak Commercial

Rheem Tankpak combines the benefits of mains pressure and continuous flow water heating. Components include number of commercial continuous flow water heaters (up to 10), storage tank/tanks, appropriately rated pump and controller supplied loose.

Rheem Ambiheat Heat Pump

The AMBIHEAT HDc-270 Heat Pump is the new generation 270L capacity heat pump which is a smart, energy efficient alternative for areas where a traditional solar water heater may not be suitable.

Rheem Tankpak Series 3

Rheem Tankpak Series 3 is the next phase in commercial water heating with electronic staging and rotation, for increased efficiency and product life.