Mains Pressure Stainless Steel

Mains Pressure Stainless Steel

Rheem Stainless Steel mains pressure water heaters are generally heated with electricity but are also heat pump and solar compatible*. 

With up to a 40L per minute flow rate, you can have multiple showers and taps running while maintaining a stable shower temperature.

  • Designed and assembled in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. 
  • Manufactured from high quality Stainless Steel.
  • With its colourbond jacket, this range is a great solution for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Able to connect to a range of Heat Pump and Solar technologies including direct/indirect or top down external heat sources.
Sustainability Facts
  • All Rheem Stainless Steel Mains Pressure water heaters meet or exceed the NZ MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards).
  • The water heaters have recyclable galvanised steel jackets (outer casing) and steel (inner) tanks, as well as recyclable valves. Recyclable cardboard packaging is used only on the top rim of the water heater, meaning there is no unnecessary waste.
  • High quality Solstice ZD insulation allows the optimum water temperature to be maintained longer, which results in reduced energy usage and lower costs. Solstice ZD also has very low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and zero ozone-depleting properties.
  • Rheem Stainless Steel Mains Pressure water heaters are lighter to transport and install than traditional water heaters.
  • An additional top element kit is available, which can be wired as non-simultaneous system or simultaneous system. If using the simultaneous system, the upper element will take priority when the tank is full of cold water, heating only the top portion of the water. Once the desired temperature is reached, the upper thermostat flips the power to the lower thermostat and element to heat the lower portion of the tank. This reduces both energy usage and costs.

* 135L model is not Heat Pump/Solar compatible

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Mains Pressure Stainless Steel
Model Approx. Storage Capacity (Litres) Dimensions (HxW) Installation Location Element Rating (kW)
MPSS 32513513 135 1350 x 490mm Indoor/Outdoor 2.0
MPSS 32513515 135 1350 x 490mm Indoor/Outdoor 3.0
MPSS 32518013 180 1770 x 490mm Indoor/Outdoor 2.0
MPSS 32518015 180 1770 x 490mm Indoor/Outdoor 3.0
MPSS 32525015 250 1620 x 580mm Indoor/Outdoor 3.0
MPSS 32530015 300 1910 x 580mm Indoor/Outdoor 3.0